Sighing in Silence

She sighs in silence, while the soft snow falls gently to the ground.

“Nothing is forever,” she whispers, and all you can do is nod along.

Her lips look soft in the pale afternoon light, just like the dreary sorrow you feel inside when the marks on her wrist look redder than you know they should.

It’s when you realize that agony is not just something you can kiss goodbye at the door and hope not to see tomorrow – it is a suffocating, overbearing force that takes even the best of us.

And when her tears fall like rain onto your waiting shoulders, she whispers, “I don’t think I’ll make it to see the spring.”


The Temptation That Is You

In the place where fire meets ice, I feel only you. Your pale skin plays such a lovely contrast, dancing along and casting quiet silhouettes while I close my eyes and imagine I am anybody else, just not myself. Summer rain has never felt so cold against the hairs that stand straight on the back of my neck, whenever your gaze comes my way. So much love in the spaces our intertwined bodies contain.

Is it a sin, you and me?

Should we both back away now or finish playing the game we started?

Have you seen the devil? Have you dreamt about dancing with him while all your sorrows are burned away in his fiery embrace?

Even with the sun shining down upon me, I can’t keep you warm. I have nothing to offer but the solace that is my steady breaths in pace with your shallow ones.

When an angel sins do you think they’re so ashamed that they cut off their own wings? Your clean, white feathers are slowly falling to the ground.

I am undeserving of all that you are but always, you and I attract like two magnets, we’re complete opposites.

The flowers I gave you were burnt and withering, I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you tell me you love me.

You’re crackling apart, you’ve been stepped all over – it was all too soon. I could drown in all that you contain and it would wither me down to less than even a spark. I’m a match to water and you’re a cold, lifeless body smoking her last cigarette. Soon, we’ll both be nothing at all.